How DriveCam Works

Ninety-five percent of all collisions involve driver error. That’s why the DriveCam Program focuses on the causes of poor driving.

To reduce risky driving in your fleet, you need to know what your drivers are doing behind the wheel. And, once you do know, you need to coach them to drive better. By having a consistent program across your fleet, you’ll begin to see results that not only reduce the number of collisions across your fleet, but also reduce your company’s claims, fuel and maintenance costs. These are dollars that can drop directly to your bottom line. Year after year.


Seven Steps to Risk Reduction and Savings

1. Monitor Driving; Provide Real-Time Feedback
Video event recorder continuously monitors and captures driving behavior, and provides real-time driver feedback.

2. Upload Video and Data
Exception-based video and data are uploaded via a secure cellular connection to DriveCam’s Data Center – and are immediately available to the client.

3. Analyze, Score and Prioritize
Proprietary data analytics, combined with expert video review, highlight the causes of poor driving and prioritize actions needed to reduce fleet risk and operating costs.

4. Access Driver Management Portal
Configurable alerts direct clients to online tools, including dashboards for company-wide visibility and accountability, and hotspot mapping for analysis of poor driving.

5. Coach Driver
Flexible coaching and training methods are applied based on operational demands and organizational profiles.

6. Safer Driver Returns to the Road
Continuous monitoring verifies that lessons have been applied and protects drivers, resulting in fewer preventable collisions.

7. Enforce Visibility and Accountability
Using best-practice Program Reviews, DriveCam provides the visibility and accountability you need to ensure your program is on track. In addition to industry-specific benchmarking and best practices, proprietary video and data analysis provide a complete profile of drivers and driving, allowing for objective comparisons of driver to driver, site to site, region to region and company to industry.



Preventing Collisions, Saving Lives

Although driver training has been around since Henry Ford, there has always been a fundamental limitation:  how does an operator know that a driver is applying lessons learned while on the road?

DriveCam pioneered a solution in 1998 – enabling continuous driver monitoring and exception-based video capture to identify patterns of risky driving behavior.

In 2005, DriveCam introduced a comprehensive program for identifying, prioritizing and correcting the causes of poor driving – before they lead to a collision. This “programmatic approach” helps clients transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions and fraudulent claims and saving lives.

The DriveCam program continues to improve year over year.  With our focus on efficiency – maximizing ROI with a minimal impact on client operations – our solution includes:

  • Real-time in-cab feedback to engage drivers in self correction
  • Proprietary video and data analysis to provide a complete profile of drivers and driving, allowing for objective comparisons of driver to driver, site to site, region to region and company to industry
  • Flexible driver safety coaching and training methods that can be applied to a variety of operational demands and organizational profiles
  • Online tools, such as dashboards for company-wide visibility and accountability, and hotspot mapping for cluster analysis of risky driving events
  • Program reviews provide benchmarking and best practices to ensure you’re tracking to success.

No other program protects your drivers and your brand, prioritizes key concerns and ensures bottom line results. Contact us today.


Optional Solutions

  • Fuel Management
    As the largest operating expense for fleets, fuel is a major concern for fleet managers. DriveCam’s new behavior-based fuel management solution concentrates on the driver – optimizing day-to-day driver behavior to extend fuel savings. The result? Depending on vehicle type and operational environment, DriveCam has typically delivered fuel reductions of up to 12%, saving fleet operators millions of dollars per year. Learn more.
  • Fleet Tracking
    Get the most out of your purchase of DriveCam by utilizing our new Fleet Tracking Solution. Already included as part of DriveCam’s 3rd-generation video event recorder, GPS data is now utilized to give fleet and safety managers a real-time view of fleet operations – helping to ensure compliance and improve productivity. With DriveCam’s Fleet Tracking Solution, fleet managers easily access real-time status, trip history and a full suite of reports. Learn more.
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