Risk Reduction/Results

The DriveCam Difference

Drivers who do not accelerate as hard, brake as hard, corner as fast, drive the equipment as roughly, will decrease costs in fuel, brakes, gearboxes, tires and all general incidental wear and tear/damage.

This has become apparent in all Australiasian installs to date with an average 1 year camera cost recovery occurring within 4-6 weeks. Our present record on cost recovery on R+M alone stands at 3.5 weeks.

We typically see upwards of 85% risk reduction in the first year with our New Zealand and Australia fleet clients.

For more than a decade, DriveCam has dedicated itself to preventing the waste associated with poor driving. As a result, DriveCam has consistently demonstrated and delivered quantifiable results, leading to multi-year deployments in more top-tier fleet operators than all other providers combined.


Why do large fleets depend on DriveCam?

1. Without sight and sound, you’re only guessing at the truth

Exception-based Video is the most efficient and effective way to identify poor driving behavior. With a fleet video recorder, operators can more easily communicate inappropriate driving behaviors with drivers and correct behavior before it leads to a costly collision. Video is also the only way to capture indisputable evidence of what happened in a collision – protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent claims.


2. The Program is simple, efficient and guarantees long-lasting results

The DriveCam Program transforms volumes of data into simple priorities, guiding operators to take appropriate action. Our web-based application, DriveCam Online®, ensures accountability and allows for benchmarking across your organization. Additionally, DriveCam supports your ongoing training needs and provides best practices for running a successful program.


3. Our driver-focused, driver-friendly approach protects drivers while improving their driving skills.

Our expertise in engaging drivers helps to build confidence and success. Through positive communication, training, continual feedback and flexible self-coaching options, drivers are in control. This approach ensures drivers are safer and more efficient, while protecting them from wrongful blame.


4. DriveCam’s proven track record ensures success you can take to the bank.

DriveCam delivers year-over-year results for many of the largest and most prestigious fleets in North America. With 13 years experience, more than 185K vehicles installed, and 4B driving miles monitored, DriveCam is the proven solutions provider to the transportation market.


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