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DriveCam vs dashcam

DriveCam vs SD-Card Driven Cameras (T-eye, X-Driven and many more)

Before transport operators rush out and purchase a bunch of 'dash-cams' for their trucks it would be wise to understand the difference between these and the DriveCam managed system:

  • Stand-alone 'dash-cams' (SD-card based) while cheap and readily available, generally are not a risk reducing solution for fleets of more than two trucks.
  • IVCS has been suppliers of both since 2006. We will not sell SD-card driven cameras to fleets of more than 2 vehicles.
  • These years of experience have shown that any more than two trucks in a fleet with SD-card driven 'dash-cams', quickly become too hard (time consuming) to monitor and essentially these 'dash-cams' end up becoming simply reactive crash-recorders.
  • Reactive rather than proactive safety tools don’t get drivers home safe.
  • With DriveCam, for fleets of 3 vehicles and upwards, all the hard work is done by the review service and you simply have to coach your drivers to guarantee a dramatic risk reduction and reap the benefits of the staggering operational cost savings that come with the result.

Quite simply, your clients don’t want a video copy of an accident, they don’t want the accident in the first place!

DriveCam delivers this opportunity very efficiently and extremely effectively. This is why a majority of the top transport operators in Australasia rely on DriveCam. Download Introduction to DriveCam to learn more.

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