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In 2006, Lumley formed a strategic partnership with Commvee Ltd, New Zealand’s only in-vehicle camera specialists. Lumley launched the first bundled insurance package to include in-vehicle camera technology for its large fleet clients. The results of the first generation camera system were astonishing with dramatic risk reductions for clients.

In late 2010, Commvee rebranded as IVCS (In Vehicle Camera Systems) and expanded operations across the Australasian market.

The results for clients using the DriveCam solution have surpassed expectations on all levels. High risk clients have experienced dramatic and sustainable decreases in vehicle related incidents and operating costs.

IVCS works closely with the Lumley Torque Fleet Risk Management team in New Zealand.


Lumley Torque FRM

Who'd have thought that you'd turn to your insurance company for improving profits? Or advice on sleeping, lowering fuel bills, training and recruiting drivers, logistics, fleet maintenance and in-vehicle cameras.


Prevention is better than cure

Torque Fleet Risk Management's unique services can help you save time and money, by helping you to reduce accident rates and therefore avoiding losses in the first place. By understanding your business, we can tailor a programme for you that identifies and limits fleet risk.

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Award Winning Service

In late 2007, Commvee and Lumley won the ‘2007 IBANZ Most innovative product of the year award’ for the promotion and implementation of the DriveCam System. The nominees were judged by the board of the NZ General Insurance Industry on the product,  the service and the level of local support that their clients received.  We won hands down across all judged categories with our clients giving a glowing reference of the product/service and our level of support that they believed helped them to attain the full benefits of the DriveCam System.

The level of service we offer our clients here in NZ is second to none. We take pride in ensuring our clients are satisfied with their investment in ‘hands-on fleet risk management’.

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